I thought Tennessee's poorest county

Would be on the eastern side of the state.   Kali Geldis, writing in Mainstreet.com, lists the poorest county in each of the states.

The Poorest Counties in Every State in America
The Poorest County in Tennessee: Lake

Lake County is a small area with roughly 2,100 citizens living in poverty. Close to the Missouri border, this county has actually seen its poverty rate decline since 2009, when it was at 42.5%. Also, the cost of living in Lake County is relatively low, with the median value of owner-occupied housing units at $65,400 – about half of the median value of owner-occupied housing units for the state of Tennessee.

Poverty Rate: 40.4%
Poverty Rate of Kids Under 18: 46.8%
Median Household Income: $27,142


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