Our Linda Bishop is ETSU's Featured Employee

As our executive aide for Cross Disciplinary Studies in the School of Continuing Studies and Academic Outreach, Linda Bishop is often our first contact with students. She helps every person who calls. Her concern for helping students is outstanding. She connects students with our department and helps them find any other information they need. Linda is always welcoming, patient, and helpful. As ETSU's first point of contact for many adult students, she provides a positive image and a good impression of our university. Handling scheduling and student workers for our department is a full time job, but Linda is also truly concerned with our welfare and our students' welfare as well. She enthusiastically supports all of our endeavors. She not only keeps the office organized and running smoothly, but also contributes greatly to the schools morale. She is a big part of the team that helps students overcome the challenges of taking classes and ensures that then continue through to graduation. Having a steady friend available by phone is a help and a comfort to students and staff alike.

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