Why did I eliminate your application?

Because you spelled Osborn with an "e" at the end.  I'm not the only one. As Brent Miller explains in The Chronicle of Higher Education, when you have to quickly weed through 100 applications, you look first at the easy rejections.

Why I Tossed Your Résumé
We fail candidates for bad grammar. It's sad that I have to write that. But every stack has at least one résumé with misspelled words, incomplete sentences, and other cardinal sins of writing. While the average employer would certainly drop you for such transgressions, we are a college so we get twice as irritated about it. Misspellings signal laziness, inattention to detail, and just the overall sense that you aren't taking this seriously.

Here are three pieces of advice: proofread, proofread, proofread. Every word processor on the planet has spellcheck. Is it that hard to click the little button? You've already (I hope) spent an hour or more writing the thing. Would taking another five minutes for a once-over be too much to ask? One final question: Would you take this article seriously if I butchered the wording? Of course not. The same perspective applies.


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