Graduating tomorrow but this is your first trip to campus?

Crank out the red solo cups! We hold a reception for our graduating seniors on the day before Commencement.  It's common for that to be the first trip to campus for many of the students.  As the number of online degrees grows, I might suggest establishing a university-wide reception for online students.  Could help with fundraising.  I had to miss our most recent reception, but I'm told it was our most successful to date.  From

Colleges create campus ties for online students
A day before graduation, Joan Schaffer finally got around to visiting Webster University's campus.

She flew into town Friday morning from her home in Brooklyn, N.Y., to take part in Saturday's commencement activities and to learn a little more about the school that's awarding her a master's in human resources management.

After a visit to the brewery with several family members, Schaffer, 27, dropped by campus for a quick tour and a reception tailored to students who have done most, if not all, of their learning over the computer.

"It definitely feels more real," said Schaffer, while strolling among the red brick buildings. "Now I can at least say I've seen the campus."

In a world where online courses are moving steadily from curiosity to the mainstream, Schaffer's expedition represents one element of the changing higher education landscape and one of the ways schools are trying to forge relationships with far-flung students.


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