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A minimalist approach to social media policy. Be professional. From Farris Timimi and The Mayo Clinic Center for Social Media.

A 12-Word Social Media Policy
The biggest risk in health care social media is not participating in the conversation. Simply putting “find me on Facebook” or “follow me on Twitter” badges on your website does not equate with health care social media. Having noted this, among the most common concerns that seem to limit participation are those regarding professionalism. So let’s make this as easy as possible, with 12 words to light your way:

Don’t Lie, Don’t Pry

Don’t Cheat, Can’t Delete

Don’t Steal, Don’t Reveal . . .
Errors will occur no matter how careful you are. That’s why you must develop a social media policy and provide orientation and training, and when you or others in your organization make mistakes, view them as learning opportunities.

There is great power in the conversation. Know the risks and behave accordingly, but do not be so risk averse that you do not participate.

You may want to elaborate in your social media guidelines or policy, but these 12 words provide a solid foundation.


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