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You can be fired for liking the wrong things on Facebook.  From

When Facebook's 'Like' Pushes the Wrong Button with Employers
In a report published by DCist, a Washington, D.C., website, the employee said he became Facebook "friends" with the supervisor’s daughter, and it was through that friendship that his boss discovered that he had "Liked" the Two Dads Facebook Page. After his subsequent firing, the employee filed a complaint with the federal Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. A ruling is expected later this month.

In the second incident (Bland v. Roberts), the Hampton, Va. sheriff fired six of his employees when he discovered they "Liked" the Facebook page of his political rival, a candidate for the sheriff’s elected post. In that lawsuit, the U.S. District Court found in favor of the sheriff, saying the firings were legitimate because "Liking" someone on Facebook does not constitute free speech and is not protected under the First Amendment.


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