Four year guarantee

This seems relatively low risk.  The student promises to take enough hours each year to graduate in four, and to meet with an advisor to make sure the right courses are taken.  I suppose ISU would be on the hook if courses were not available or scheduled correctly, but it's hard for me to imagine other cases where the student would not be at fault. From

Indiana State University Promises To Cover Costs Of Students After 4 Years
It won’t make students go to class or study for finals, but it will ensure Indiana State University students have the resources they need to graduate on time.

It’s called the Sycamore Graduation Guarantee – and it’s a promise to students that if they need more than four years to complete their degree, then ISU will foot the bill. Incoming freshman can sign the guarantee during their summer orientation or anytime during their first year.

“Statistically, the longer you take to get out of college, the less chance you have of finishing,” ISU President Dan Bradley said Wednesday as the university unveiled its plan to increase the number of students who graduate in four years. “Students who drag it out for five, six, seven years, there’s a lot of them out there who just don’t finish.”

Now, students have to do their part to finish on time – by signing the guarantee, they’re pledging to meet with their adviser, declare a major and make sufficient progress toward graduation each semester. In exchange, ISU promises to provide students with access to advisers and tools to track their progress. Students must take 30–32 credit hours a year to comply with the guarantee.


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