I wondered when UM

Would address the Dasmine Cathey story that ran in The Chronicle of Higher Education.  From Michael Kelley, writing in The Commercial Appeal. 

Athlete admissions policies revisited at University of Memphis

A compelling story about a former University of Memphis football player's academic struggles has prompted president Shirley Raines to launch a study to evaluate admissions policies for student athletes.
"The Education of Dasmine Cathey" in The Chronicle of Higher Education tells the story of a talented athlete who arrived at the university wholly unprepared for the demands of the classroom. 
With the assistance of academic advisers and through his own persistent efforts, however, Cathey, 23, appears to be on the verge -- despite poor grades and periods in which he failed to show up for classes -- of earning a degree.  
In an interview with The Commercial Appeal last week at his duplex near East High School, Cathey, who majored in interdisciplinary studies, was confident that he would complete one more course and finish his senior project, a 15-page research paper on why student athletes should be paid, in time to graduate in August. 
He liked the widely circulated Chronicle story, which prompted a vigorous debate over the Internet and in the media about the role of athletics on college campuses across the country. But he has stopped reading comments about the piece on the Internet because of their negativity. 
The story detailed his struggle to improve his reading skills during nightly sessions of poring over learn-to-read books. 
The piece delivered the message that one should "never give up" on one's dreams, Cathey said. 
Others saw different messages.


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