Maybe this is why summer school enrollments are down

I hope it's because the economy is improving across the board.  From Time's Moneyland.

Jobs: Teens Find Employment, But Many Aren't Looking
According to the outplacement firm Challenger, Gray & Christmas, 160,000 American teenagers were hired last month. In May of 2011, by contrast, only 71,000 teens landed jobs. Even that was better than the year before, when a pathetic 6,000 teenagers were hired in May of 2010, which led into the worst summer for teen employment since the years after World War II, when returning servicemen often competed with high school kids for jobs.

While teenagers should be the most excited to hear about the improved summer jobs market, most probably won’t take notice. As the Los Angeles Times and others have noted, “the number [of teens] who aren’t looking for work has steadily risen since 1994.”

Last summer, 1.1 million Americans ages 16 to 19 found summer jobs, up from 960,000 the summer before. In both cases, per NPR, the figures meant that slightly less than 30% of teens who could work were working. In the ’90s and through 2000, by contrast, more than 50% of this demographic were regularly working summer jobs.


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