Our camps for kids

Our Office of Professional Development is a happy place these days.  For starters, it exceeded all its financial goals this year.  From The Johnson City Press.

ETSU campus turned campsite for summer

Thanks to various camps ––academic, sports, music-based ––East Tennessee State University’s campus will not be an empty or quiet place this summer.

The Office of Professional Development hosts academic- enriched camps throughout the summer for kids in a day camp atmosphere with their nine summer programs.

One of the programs is the Renaissance Child Camp, initially set up to be a springboard for success for kids ages 6 to high-school age.

“The idea behind it is having the well-rounded child, so they do a little bit of everything. They do problem-solving, creative writing, arts and crafts, science experiments and they get to go swimming every day,” Angela McFall, program coordinator for the Office of Professional Development, said.

The Renaissance Child Camp, celebrating its 10th anniversary, will be offered for kids ages 6-10 from June 18-22 and July 9-13. These child camps focus on activities in math, science, technology and art, as well as writing poetry and stories.

She said an extension to the child camp is the Renaissance Challenge Camp, ages 11-14, for June 25-29.


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