Projected costs when my granddaughter goes to college

But as I talked about earlier, these are only sticker prices.  Net prices should be lower. And, naturally, my granddaugher will have both athletic and academic scholarships to help pay her way.  From U.S. Business News and CNBC.

What College Tuition Will Look Like in 18 Years
Campus Consultants Founder and President Kal Chany figured out what college will likely cost by 2030 based on inflation rates. He wrote the book “Paying for College Without Going Broke.”

The findings? In 18 years, the average sticker price for a private university could be as much as $130,428 a year. . . .The situation isn’t much better if you go the public route. Sending your child to a state university could set you back at least $41,228 a year.

Seuk Kim knows what he’s up against. He has three kids under the age of three.

“I am very concerned. I make a decent living to provide for my family, but we are a one income household,” said Kim. “We will likely have to rely on some financial aid or hope they can qualify for a scholarship. I would hate for them to have to take out a huge loan in order to pay for their education like I did.”


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