There's off-campus

And there's off-campus.  UNLV has a Singapore campus where students can study hospitality, a natural fit.  This is an example of a university building upon its strengths.  From The Las Vegas Sun.

UNLV's Singapore campus part of effort to preserve Las Vegas' status as gaming kingpin
When a boom in her homeland's tourism industry prompted Foo Nyuk Xin to begin studying hotel management, the Singaporean student looked to Las Vegas as a learning ground.

"It’s where they've been doing it for years, so there's no better place to learn how everything works," Foo said. "In Singapore, it's all new."

Foo is one of more than 200 students from the UNLV Singapore campus visiting the city this month as part of their studies. UNLV's Harrah Hotel College, which opened its Singapore campus in 2006 and graduated its first class in 2009, offers instruction in more than accommodations. The visiting students are coming here to learn about conventions and event planning.

UNLV's ongoing effort in Singapore is just one way Las Vegas is striving to remain the center of an industry in which the city is losing ground to some international markets in gaming tourism revenue. Researchers at the UNLV International Gaming Institute say even as visitors take their money elsehwere, Las Vegas can profit from its knowledge. Bo Bernhard, director of the gaming institute, has said a key to the future of Las Vegas is becoming the "intellectual capital" of the gaming world, in much the same way Houston has remained a major player in the oil business despite the rise of foreign producers.


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