And I thought we were lean

But not as lean as San Francisco's City College.  It has some work ahead of it, and also some 'splainin' to do.  From Nanette Asimov, writing in The San Francisco Chronicle.

City College accreditation in jeopardy, report says
As California cut millions from community colleges in recent years, City College of San Francisco dipped deeply into reserve funds to keep itself afloat. 
It opened sparkling new buildings, but left little money for computers. It spent an unusually high portion of its budget on faculty, but pared leadership to skeletal levels, unlike other schools that won't "chop from the top," as students often demand.

Now City College is in trouble. . . . 
"The Accrediting Commission has issued an urgent call to action, which we take seriously," said City College spokesman Larry Kamer, a consultant hired to represent the school during a tumultuous period.

City College is the largest school in the state, yet employs just 39 administrators.


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