Funny, I recently had a similar idea to collect Tennessee songs

But I wanted to create a playlist.  Because that's how my iPhone rolls. I wonder what the criteria for inclusion on this website will be?  I was only going to include songs that had Tennessee in their title.  Rocky Top, for example, wouldn't make my playlist but Tennessee Stud would, even though it's about a horse and  Rocky Top is about Tennessee. Somehow, I suspect Rocky Top will make the website, however. By Tony Gonzalez, writing in The

Interactive website will immortalize songs about Tennessee
To the songwriters, Tennessee has always seemed worth singing about: a place to go “down South,” by night train or choo choo, to waltz with the belles and boogie in the blue hills. 
A state — no offense to the other 49 — with a pretty name. 
“It has a rhythm and a melody in it,” said Dale Cockrell, director of the Center for Popular Music at Middle Tennessee State University. 
Propelled by a small grant, MTSU archivists are gathering recordings, sheet music and songbooks to create an interactive website titled “ ‘My Homeland’: A Research Guide to Songs About Tennessee.” It will include the nation-leading eight — yes, eight — Tennessee state songs, and raps, religious songbooks, Yiddish ditties and at least one vinyl record version, pressed in Japan, of Patti Page’s take on “Tennessee Waltz.” 
Recordings and scans of the sheet music and album artwork will be available online and easy to sort, with a special section for teachers seeking music to use in classes. 
The music and printed materials will be organized by the recurring themes that project archivist John Fabke has found in the songwriting. 
In his research, Fabke said he found Tennessee described as a mythical “Shangri-La,” where everyone wants to go.


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