Meanwhile, just over the mountains in North Carolina

The conclusion of a lengthy court battle between Al Corum and Appalachian State University, his employer.  From The High Country Press.

‘Fired With Enthusiasm’ – The Story of Al Corum and His Nine Year Legal Battle Against Appalachian State
On Saturday, June 30, professor emeritus Dr. Al Corum will hold a book signing at the Watauga County Public Library for his book “Fired With Enthusiasm,” which chronicles his lengthy legal battle against the Appalachian State University administration and the University of North Carolina system. 
In 1984, Corum was demoted from his position as Dean of Learning Resources at ASU after speaking out against plans to break up the Appalachian Collection – an on-campus artifacts museum and research center which was built on many decades of work and donations of artifacts, music, photos and books all related to the Appalachian Region.


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