Race to the top

Tennessee's percentage of young adults with a college degree stays in the bottom ten, and dropping. From The Tennessean.

TN slips to 41st in young college grads
The percentage of young adults earning a college degree has increased slightly but still remains far below the level needed to reach the president’s goal of having the U.S. rank first worldwide in college graduates.
Tennessee’s percentage of degree holders stayed at about 33 percent from 2009 to 2010, but the state slipped a spot from 40th to 41st because other states added more. 
Data released Thursday by the Education Department tracked adults ages 25 to 34 who held an associate, bachelor’s or graduate degree in 2010 — 39.3 percent of Americans, up half a percentage point from 2009. 
Rising tuition is one of several reasons more young adults aren’t graduating from college.


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