Tales of the non-traditional

More news on adult and continuing education students.  From MLive.com.

53-year-old WMU student, who lost job in recession, graduates with honors
Western Michigan University graduating senior Jim Lightner, of Kalamazoo, figured 13 years of experience in the information technology industry would have made getting his bachelor’s degree easier. 
Lightner, 53, lost his job three years ago from Boise Inc., in Cascade. After countless job interviews, employers told him he was missing something on his resume that other applicants had: a degree. 
“It didn’t take too long to see that my only option to get back into the work force was to get my degree,” said Lightner, who is a husband, a father to two adult children and a grandfather. “I thought this should be easy for me, I’ve been doing IT for so long but in IT, things change rapidly. A lot of what I was learning was new stuff.” 


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