TSU in the news again

If you work at Tennessee State University, there's never a dull moment.  From The Tennessean.com.

TSU leaders dispute grade changes
More than 100 Tennessee State University students initially marked “incomplete” in two fall courses saw those marks changed to letter grades, but university faculty and leaders disagree on who made those changes and whether they were ethical. 
Several university professors said university administrators made the changes without the instructors’ consent, but university and state officials insist they had approval after clearing up a miscommunication about course requirements. One of the instructors involved said he was disgusted his colleagues would spread lies about the university. 
The issue arose at a faculty senate meeting, said Jane Davis, an English professor and faculty senate president. She contacted the Tennessee Board of Regents and received a letter explaining the grade changes were part of a statewide overhaul of some college courses and were made with the instructors’ permission. 
The school’s provost also sent a letter to faculty Tuesday calling the allegations false and denying that any administrators changed grades. 
Before those explanations, Davis already had taken to a student blog to air her concerns, and other faculty senate members and members the school’s chapter of the American Association of University Professors remain skeptical. If all the professors did not approve of the changes, she said, the university committed a major ethical error.


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