Upcoming issue of Diverse

Will focus on lifelong learning.  Advertising deadline is July 26.


The need for lifelong learning is more important than ever due to rapid changes in employer needs in this fast-moving economy. Continuing education is the process of learning something new to further one’s skills and knowledge in a given area. Diverse will probe deeper into the following topics:
  • What are institutions doing to gain support from their communities in advancing continuing education initiatives?
  • How is mobile technology impacting the breadth and reach of continuing education?
  • What role are online programs and the Internet playing in shaping the direction of continuing education?
  • How is the changing economy affecting the direction of continuing education and dictating industry trends?
  • Which modes of continuing education delivery are finding success with the greatest number of people?
  • What are employer and business perceptions of credibility for degrees received from brick-and-mortar vs. online institutions? Does it make a difference?


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