ETSU searches for an official tartan

The search is on for an official tartan for East Tennessee State University.

ETSU First Lady Donna Noland announced during the Johnson City-Jonesborough-Washington County Chamber of Commerce monthly membership breakfast that three potential designs have been identified and that the public is invited to participate in the voting process, which concludes Sept. 10.

A tartan is a pattern of interlacing horizontal and vertical bands in multiple colors to form a distinctive pattern. Such tartans have been used in clothing and decoration throughout Scotland since the third century. They evolved from identifying the residents of a region to indicating the members of a specific clan or tribal group.
“ETSU shares a Celtic heritage with the tartan through the Scottish and Irish immigrants who were the early pioneers in what is now Northeast Tennessee,” Noland said.  “Each Scottish clan has its own tartan, and by wearing that tartan, members can recognize each other and show their family allegiance.  We want to have a tartan that will forever identify East Tennessee State University.”
Traditional tartans weave together carefully selected colors to form a unique pattern. The tartans under consideration for adoption by ETSU include the traditional old gold and navy contrasted with white and highlighted by a contemporary bright gold and lighter navy.
Students, employees, alumni and retirees from ETSU as well as members of the community are invited to vote in the tartan selection process.  The voting begins today, Aug. 8, and will continue through Sept. 10.  Voting can be done online by visiting  Funds raised through the purchase of tartan items will help support ETSU students.


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