State authorization requirement is

Reconsidered.  This is good news for all colleges and universities with online offerings.  It was a policy that wanted to target the "bad actors," but wounded everybody.  From Inside Higher Ed.

Backing Off on State Authorization

In a reversal of one of the most sweeping and controversial portions of its program integrity rules, the Education Department said Friday that it will no longer enforce a requirement that distance education programs obtain permission to operate in every state in which they enroll at least one student. 
The change was announced quietly — on the third page of a five-page attachment to a "Dear Colleague" letter that the Education Department sent to institutions Friday — but will likely be cheered by many in higher education. Colleges have fought the state authorization rule both in Congress and in the courts since it was first put forward in October 2010, arguing that archaic authorization rules create too much red tape and financial burden for online programs.


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