Tweet police

Athletes at UK and UL have their social media monitored.  Probably not a bad idea.  I have some Facebook friends I'd like monitored.  From The Courier-Journal.

University of Kentucky, Louisville flag hundreds of words from athletes' tweets

Student-athletes at the University of Kentucky and most at the University of Louisville surrender their online privacy to their coaches under a social media monitoring system used by both schools and others across the country. 
As a condition of participating in sports, the schools require athletes to agree to monitoring software being placed on their social-media accounts. The software emails alerts to coaches whenever athletes use a word that could embarrass the student, the university or tarnish their images on services such as Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and MySpace.  
U of L flags 406 words or slang expressions that have to do with drugs, sex or alcohol. The University of Kentucky flags a similar number, of which 370 are sports agents’ names. 
The words range from the seemingly innocuous “pony” — a euphemism for crack cocaine — and “panties,” to all manner of alcoholic drinks and sexual expressions. 
UK also has flagged “Muslim” and “Arab” — though after being questioned about it by The Courier-Journal, the school said it will no longer do so.


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