ETSU won one of these last fall

ACEware Systems, Inc. has generously offered to cover the cost of two conference registrations for the 2012 TACHE Conference in Nashville, November 7-9, 2012.

Don’t miss the opportunity for one of your staff members, who is new to TACHE, to win this free conference registration. Please share this notice with all at your institution who may be interested in attending our upcoming conference.

1. The individual is employed by a current TACHE member institution, and
2. The individual is a new CE Professional, and/or
3. The individual is a first time attendee at a TACHE annual conference.

How to Register for the Free 2012 TACHE Conference Registration:
1. Send an e-mail to Dianna Rust, TACHE President, at
2. In the Subject Line, insert “TACHE Free Conference.”
3. In the text of the email, include your name, institution, e-mail, phone number, and number of months working in continuing education and if this is your first TACHE annual conference
4. The deadline to register is September 28, 2012.
Two names will be drawn to receive a free 2012 TACHE conference registration valued at $159, compliments of ACEware Systems, Inc. Winners will be notified by October 5.

Sponsored by ACEware Systems, Inc.
“Registration Software for Continuing Education”


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