First in Tennessee to offer a MOOC

At least that I'm aware of.  Kind on interesting that it's Vanderbilt. And, of course, they're explaining in their own humble fashion why they are entering this arena.  From Nicole Young, writing in The Tennessean.

Vanderbilt University ready to offer free courses online

Vanderbilt University will soon offer a selection of free, not-for-credit online courses taught by faculty members and available to students around the world. 
The program, announced today, is part of the digital learning consortium Coursera, an online platform for open-access classes developed last year at Stanford University. 
Vanderbilt will take its first steps into Coursera by offering five courses, commonly known as MOOCs, or massively open online courses, in the spring. 
“At Vanderbilt, we have the luxury of teaching extraordinary students in small classes and of working in close collaboration with undergraduates, graduate students and other faculty,” said English professor Jay Clayton, who will teach a Coursera class on online games in the spring. 
“We will never give up that advantage — it’s what makes Vanderbilt distinctive — but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t look for innovative ways to use new media to enrich on-campus community. Coursera gives us something more: the opportunity to reach out to a global audience and stimulate fresh thinking, share cutting-edge ideas and provide new knowledge to people who will never have the chance to come study at Vanderbilt in person.”


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