Meet a new off-campus director

LaDonna Yarborough at Nashville State Community College's southeast campus.  We need to get her to the TACHE conference. Her interview can be found in The Tennessean.

Chance to help excites Nashville State leader

Explain your role in Nashville State's new southeast campus in Antioch. 
I am the director of our satellite campus. I coordinate scheduling classes with our main campus, I have a part in hiring faculty, I schedule hours, I work with main campus for security — there’s a whole list of stuff. I am involved in several of the community events. 
That’s the thing about southeast Nashville — the whole community seems to be so excited about us coming. We’re really looking to improve that side of town. We’re working to partner with the businesses in the area to bring higher education in to help train the workforce. We’re also talking to some of the local businesses about requirements for technical certificates. That’s completion of programs that can be done in two years to get students out into the workforce more quickly.


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