New York Times polls adult students on value of returning to school

Eighty-four percent say the training was a good investment of time and money. By  Marjorie Connelly, Marina Stefan, and Andrea Kayda in The

Returning to School for Additional Training

IN these times of employment uncertainties, a third of adults in the United States have gone back to school in the last five years for additional training, according to a recent poll by The New York Times. And less than a third of them have found a new job or secured a promotion. Still, most consider the experience a good investment of time and money. 
About 80 percent who have returned for more training are already employed; 10 percent are looking for work. Most of the adults continuing their education are under age 45 (32 percent are 30 to 44 years old; 44 percent under 30). Two-thirds are without a four-year degree.


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