Social media and retention

.eduGuru has some interesting information on higher education social media penetration.  It also makes an argument that social media usage can improve student engagement which can in turn improve retention.  Makes sense to me.

How Your School’s Online Presence Impacts Retention

Millennial college students are the most plugged in group to walk through the campus gates. Colleges are already doing a great job of recognizing the digital focus of their students by developing social media presences.
A quick benchmark—in a 2010-2011 study on college social media use, 100% of colleges surveyed were using at least one type of social media. College usage data shows: 
98% used Facebook
86% posted videos on YouTube
84% tweeted
66% posted blogs
41% put out podcasts 
It may be surprising, but this social media presence only recently began to skyrocket. In the previous year, 87% of colleges were using Facebook. Twitter was at 59% and Podcasts at 22%.


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