The University of Tennessee branding initiative

Big Orange, Big Ideas. Hmmmm.  I've never heard of leaving your home institution off of your conference registration.  And how would word of it get back to the Chancellor? Seems a bit apocryphal, but that's just me.  After all, even Otis Sistrunk claimed The University of Mars as his college.  This is from Wesley Mills, writing in The Daily Beacon, UT's student newspaper. I'm impressed that their student newspaper in online.

UT branding puts name out

Chancellor Jimmy Cheek said that "Big Orange Big Ideas" is a tagline that represents the overall goal of the university. The purpose of the branding issue is communicating what UT is doing much more than a catchy slogan Cheek said. 
One of the issues Cheek recognizes is the lack of national positive exposure that UT receives. He even noted that faculty members don't like to admit they're from UT. 
"We have faculty members that go to conferences that don't put the University of Tennessee Knoxville down," he said. "How can you make us a better institution if people don't know where you are from."


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