TSU in the news again

The Chronicle of Higher Education follows up on activities at Tennessee State University.  As I mentioned before, it's never a good sign when you're escorted from a campus meeting in handcuffs. Fifty Shades of Gray notwithstanding...

Conflict Flares Into Governance Crisis at Tennessee State U

On August 20, when Ms. Davis showed up at a faculty meeting convened by the university's interim president, Portia H. Shields, and refused Ms. Shields' demands that she leave the conference room, a campus police officer led her out in handcuffs and had her charged with disorderly conduct, a misdemeanor. In a move that later would be denounced by some faculty leaders as invalid, the 21 faculty members who remained in the room then overwhelmingly voted, at Ms. Shields' urging, to remove Ms. Davis as Faculty Senate chairwoman and to replace her with Veronica J. Oates, an untenured assistant professor of family and consumer sciences. 
The grading controversy that caused much of the bad blood between Ms. Davis and university administrators has largely fizzled out, as both an internal audit and a State Senate investigation have cleared the university administration of academic fraud and faulted it mainly for poor communication with faculty and staff. 
But the administration's effort to get Ms. Davis ousted as Faculty Senate chairwoman has triggered a new wave of conflict on the campus, and has left the question of who heads the Faculty Senate up in the air. 
The historically black public university's administration no longer recognizes Ms. Davis as the Faculty Senate's chairwoman and holds that Ms. Oates has been properly elected to that post. On the other side of the governance debate, the campus chapter of the American Association of University Professors has joined Ms. Davis, an associate professor of English, in arguing that Ms. Davis remains the senate's leader because the August 20 meeting took place without proper notice and violated a host of well-established procedural rules.


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