What's in a name?

Since it has been approved to offer four-year degrees, Florida's Brevard Community College is planning on changing its name.  And spending $100,000 to do so.  If it ends up Brevard College, I suspect someone has some 'splainin' to do. From Floridatoday.com.

Brevard Community College ponders name change
Brevard Community College may soon have a new name. 
BCC officials recently hired strategic communications firm Curley & Pynn to assist in a process to gauge community input in choosing a new name, which will reflect the institution’s shift to offering four-year degrees as early as next fall. 
“We have a unique opportunity, an obligation really, to market the college and Space Coast community to broader audiences,” BCC President Jim Richey said at a Board of Trustees meeting Monday morning.

With a $100,000 budget to work with, officials hired the firm on an hourly basis to reach out to the community through so-called listening surveys and conduct focus groups in order to narrow down a possible name.

Roger Pynn, president of strategic communications firm Curley & Pynn, told college’s Board of Trustees on Monday that the process is not designed to be a scientific poll, but rather seeks to understand and reflect what people feel “close to their heart,” he said.


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