Another listing of best places to retire

Tennessee is in the top 10 at number 8.  Of course, with our low life expectancy, don't plan on being around too long. From

Best Places to Retire: Latest Survey Ranks Top States

No. 9: Tennessee 
Why it's in the top 10: After ranking in the bottom 10 in last year's study, Tennessee was a huge beneficiary of the new reader-weighted preferences. The state came out strong for economic factors and climate, which was enough to overcome a high crime rate and low life expectancy. 
Economic factors: Tennessee had the eighth-best score for economic factors, largely on the strength of having the nation's lowest cost of living. 
Climate: Tennessee's climate score is above-average. 
Life expectancy: Tennessee's life expectancy of 75.1 years is one of the lowest in the nation. 
Crime: The state has the third-highest violent crime rate in the U.S.


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