Learn a new language through ETSU Rosetta Stone language instruction

In 2010, East Tennessee State University’s Honors College and Office of Professional Development began a program that offered online language-learning courses available in 25 languages through Rosetta Stone, a leading provider of technology-based, language-learning solutions.

A 2011 user satisfaction survey gave Rosetta Stone® Classroom high marks for being accessible, convenient and user-friendly. Among the most popular of the 25 languages available are Italian, English, Japanese, Latin, French, Spanish and Greek.

The non-credit professional development instruction is available to the community and does not require formal admission to ETSU. For a registration fee of $60, users receive two months of independent study in one language, available at all proficiency levels.

For more information, contact Angela McFall of the ETSU Office of Professional Development at (800) 222-3878, or register online at https://etsuaw.etsu.edu/.


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