We need the dues

The University of California is considering everything short of a bake sale to generate money.  Cut health benefits, tap the endowment, admit more out-of-state students--all being discussed.  Including tinkering with course schedules and credit hours.  From Nanette Asimov, writing in SFGate.com.
UC regents hear ideas for raising money

UC could dangle a carrot to get students to graduate in just three years, offering more classes at night, on the weekends, and online. It might let students take classes elsewhere, or get credit for real-world experiences, Dorr said. 
Or there's the "stick" approach: Disincentives for students on the five-year plan, such as limiting how many total credits a student can earn. 
And, finally, the sneaky method: Labeling three-credit classes as four- or five-credit classes so students earn credits faster. The official description is "adjusting course units so that fewer courses (are) needed for a full-time load." 
"Well, that raises a red flag," Lansing said. "You cannot diminish the quality of the degree."


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