Checking up on the Chancellor's description

Of Tennessee's higher education funding flip-flop.  Yes, it happened.  When I started in Tennessee, we were a cheap tuition state where students paid 30% of the cost of tuition.  Now we're a relatively high tuition state with students paying 67% of the cost. PolitiFact Tennessee confirms that history below.

Official says students, not state, paying most of college cost

But when John Morgan, chancellor of the Tennessee Board of Regents, told a U.S. Senate committee that Tennessee students now pay 67 percent of the costs of their educations at the state’s universities and 60 percent at community colleges, we were curious.  When many parents of today’s students were public college students themselves two, three or four decades ago, the ratio was the reverse: state appropriations comprised up to 70 percent of the costs, and students and their parents picked up the rest.  Did the burden shift that much? 
In a word, yes. Morgan was precisely on mark with his testimony, as expected from a higher education administrator who spent 10 years as state comptroller, state  government’s chief auditor and financial watchdog.


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