Continuing education values

In preparation for a day-long visit from Senior Staff, our planning team took a look at what we value in the School of Continuing Studies and Academic Outreach.  I imagine that these values are pretty universal in our field, and I would also imagine that most continuing educators strive to develop a culture within their organization that embodies them.  Anyway, here they are.  We may have missed some so please make any suggestions and improvements in the comments section.
  • Student service: putting students first
  • Teamwork: working together to accomplish university and school goals
  • Outreach: serving students and communities at a distance
  • Inreach: creating connections and collaborations within the university that foster success and create win-win situations
  • Agility: responding quickly to new needs, opportunities, and partnerships
  • Advocacy: championing non-traditional students, non-traditional delivery, and non-traditional schedules.
  • Innovation: finding newer and better ways to do our jobs more efficiently
  • Attitude: belief in ourselves that we can accomplish things that no other unit can
  • Change: comfortable leading change rather than following the lead of others
  • Bottom-line mentality: understanding the importance of creating revenue within the university mission
I'm on a panel today with other seasoned Tennessee continuing educators to share our insights on the field with members of the TACHE Leadership Academy.  This is part of that.  I asked my assistant dean if she recalled any good advice I had given her, and she said most all of it was good, but she ignored it anyway.  She was kidding I think. To paraphrase Barbie: Leadership is hard.


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