Nominate a continuing educator for this leadership award

This comes from the Chair Academy's 22nd International Leadership Conference, held in Phoenix, Arizona.

The Idahlynn Karre Exemplary Leadership Award

Exemplary Leader Guidelines

As part of our commitment to recognize exemplary organizational leadership, the Chair Academy is soliciting the names of exceptional post-secondary leaders and/or leadership teams. We recognize that one of the highest levels of recognition that a person can receive is to be honored by colleagues. The Chair Academy would like to team up with you and your college to celebrate those individuals or teams who you believe best exemplify and support academic and administrative excellence in leadership.  

Do you know someone who…

  • has developed a program to enhance the learning community at your institution? 
  • has created programs to enhance diverse offerings and meet the needs of the ever-changing college population? 
  • has created an environment in which others are empowered and is viewed as an exemplary leader by their colleagues? 
  • has modeled loyalty, commitment, integrity, acceptance, and open communication to enhance the overall effectiveness of their department/area in their institution?  

We will recognize your outstanding leaders or leadership teams at the Chair Academy’s 22nd Annual International Leadership Conference scheduled for April 4-7, 2013 in Phoenix, Arizona.

The award presentation is scheduled for Saturday, April 6, 2013, during our third general session.

All Exemplary Leaders will be showcased in the 2012 Idahlynn Karre Exemplary Leader Booklet, containing your Leader's photo and a description of why he or she is being recognized, which will be given to each conference participant.

Your Exemplary Leader or team of leaders will be featured in the Summer 2013 edition of the Chair Academy’s journal, Leadership.

Your Exemplary Leader’s or team of leaders' picture will also be featured on the Chair Academy webpage for one year.

Your Exemplary Leader’s or team of leaders’ college president will receive a formal notification of the leadership honor being bestowed.

Deadline submit nomination: January 16, 2013

Note: The Exemplary Leader(s), or their nominator, MUST be present at the conference to receive their award.


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