Northeastern University opens a branch campus in the northwest

And I don't mean northwest Massachusetts.  The campus hopes to partner with Amazon, but it's hard to imagine that local universities chose to ignore that opportunity.  From The New York Times.

Northeastern University Plans Seattle Campus

With name tags clipped on and PowerPoint at the ready, officials from Northeastern University invited prospective students in one night last week for a peek at a new extension campus, 2,500 miles from the school’s home in Boston and about as far northwest as you can get in the lower 48 without swim fins. It is a trend that many colleges and universities have embraced in recent years — remote campuses to extend the brand and the flow of tuition checks.

The location of an extension campus that Northeastern University is planning to build in Seattle.
But there was more going on here. And all the new dean, J. Tayloe Washburn, had to do to demonstrate that was walk to the bank of windows in the meeting room where the prospects and the staff had congregated and throw wide his arms: the headquarters buildings of the tech giant filled the view under a gray Seattle mist.


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