Sticking it to English majors

A Florida task force recommends lower tuition for those majors that have the best job prospects.  They recommend incentivizing STEM areas by letting those majors pay less, subsidized by majors less in demand by the Florida workforce.  Hmmmm.  So much for a liberal arts education.  From Scott Travis, writing in The

Panel recommends varying university tuition based on degrees, job prospects

Highly distinguished universities, such as the University of Florida and Florida State University, could charge more than others. Tuition would be lower for students pursuing degrees most needed for Florida's job market, including ones in science, technology, engineering and math, collectively known as the STEM fields. 
The committee is recommending no tuition increases for them in the next three years. 
But to pay for that, students in fields such as psychology, political science, anthropology, and performing arts could pay more because they have fewer job prospects in the state. 
"The purpose would not be to exterminate programs or keep students from pursuing them. There will always be a need for them," said Dale Brill, who chairs the task force. "But you better really want to do it, because you may have to pay more.'' 
Joanna Mandel, a theater student at Florida Atlantic University, said it would straddle students with debt they might not be able to repay. 
"Theater majors or English majors are not guaranteed to make a lot of money," said the 22-year-old from Pembroke Pines. "Doctors and scientists, they make a lot of money. If anything, they should be paying more." 
Some universities do charge more for STEM degrees, because they are typically more expensive to run. But Brill said that goes against the general market principles of supply and demand.


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