Call for Proposals

It’s Not Business as Usual!

The Tennessee Adult Learner Conference:  2013
Hosted by Middle Tennessee State University, the Tennessee Higher Education Commission and the University of Tennessee System
February 14 & 15, 2013 * Middle Tennessee State University* Murfreesboro, TN
Call for Presentation Proposals
Submission Instructions
Deadline for submissions is January 18, 2013
Conference Overview:
The theme for the 2013 Tennessee Adult Learner Conference is “It’s Not Business as Usual”.  Change is inevitable in all sectors of life and higher education is not exempt from change.  In fact, higher education across the nation, and in particular, in Tennessee is changing rapidly.  Factors influencing change include, but by no means are limited to:  The complete college movement, changing demographics, the new public higher education funding formula, MOOCs, technology, a continued scarcity of resources, the economy, the Tennessee Transfer Pathways, Prior Learning Assessments, lifelong learning, and workforce demands.  While all of these factors impact higher education for all age groups, this conference targets the impact of change on the adult learner (25+ years of age).  
To meet these challenges and opportunities, all of us are faced with developing new ways of doing business—how, in the face of change, do we still provide the services, support, and programs our adult learners need to begin, persist and complete college?  What works on your campus, in your community, through your institution’s collaboration with other entities?  Truly, it’s not business as usual!
Proposal Guidelines:
Each proposal should showcase a program, service, support mechanism or research that addresses one or more change factors impacting higher education at your institution or in your community.  Proposals can highlight collaboration between community and campus (e.g., the process of securing an agreement with the local transit company to allow enrolled college students to ride the city bus for free) or can focus on campus-based services, programs or support mechanisms (e.g., a concierge type service for adult learners), or research on innovative practices in higher education around the adult learner population.  We are seeking innovative responses to the current changes in Tennessee higher education communities—we want participants to walk away from this year’s conference with a toolkit of proven programs, services, or supports to aid the adult learner.  Presentation slots will be 45 minutes, including a presentation  no longer than 30 minutes, with additional time for questions and discussion.  As always, the aim of the presentations is to help us explore ways to improve the services, programs, and support for adult learners in Tennessee, keeping in mind that it’s NOT business as usual.
Completing the Call for Presentation Proposals Submission Form:
Ø  Complete a separate application for each presentation you are proposing.
Ø  Send the completed proposal submission form electronically to:  Jessica Gibson at no later than January 20, 2013.
MTSU, THEC, and UT, in cooperation, reserve the right to combine similar proposals, and to edit titles and descriptions as necessary.  Prior to submitting your application, please check to be sure that all your proposed speakers and conveners are available to be present at the 2013 Tennessee Adult Learner Conference, February 14-15, 2013.


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