It's not the end of the world, as we know it

I put quite a few Christmas gifts on my credit card, just in case.  By Phil Plait, Bad Astronomy, and Slate.

Maya Apocalypse 2012: Doomsday end-of-the-world prophecies are nonsense.

If you’re still worried, ask yourself this: if the Maya could predict the end of the world 1,000 years in advance, why couldn’t they see the pending collapse of their own civilization? 
When Saturday comes, and I can finally put a big X through Dec. 21 on my calendar, I will breathe a hearty sigh of relief. But my next breath will be a deep one, to prepare for the next bit of apocalyptic nonsense to come down the road. Because just as surely as this doomsday is nonsense, another will be along to replace it soon enough. I don't know what it'll be exactly, but I can be pretty sure it will be just as wrong as this one. 
And I'll have to write about it. The funny thing about the end of world: For skeptics, it's actually job security.


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