Just how cool is today's date?

Will Oremus and Slate answer.

12/12/12: Where does it rank among the all-time coolest dates?
At this point you’re probably wondering, just how cool is 12/12/12? Is it even in the top 50? If we celebrate today, does that commit us to an increasingly dreary procession of semi-cool-date celebrations in the years to come? At what point does cool-date fatigue set in? 
On that last point, at least, you can rest assured: Today is the last repeating-number date of the 21st Century, even going by the cheaty two-digit-year format. Still, if we’re to avoid cool-date inflation, it’s essential that we some lay down definitive rankings. Herewith, the all-time top 10 coolest dates, according to universally agreed-upon standards of coolness such as roundness, symmetry, and coincidence with numbers of mathematical significance.
  1. 1/1/1
  2. 1/2/345
  3. 11/11/1111
  4. 1/1/1000
  5. 3/14/1592
  6. 6/6/666
  7. 9/9/999
  8. 5/4/321
  9. 2/7/1828
  10. 6/23/1023 


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