School and technology

Maureen Downey has a great column in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution called Get Schooled. This appeared recently, and I was struck by words of Professor Huett.

Digital natives: Are schools foreign to them?
Technology guru and University of West Georgia professor Jason B. Huett said a frontier teacher from a century ago popped into today’s modern era would be agape at the changes she saw every place but one — the classroom. 
“When she walked into a school, she would immediately know what this is, and she could pretty much swap her prairie dress for a pants suit and go right to work,” said Huett, West Georgia’s associate dean of online development and USG eCore, a multi-institution collaborative where college students can take classes online. 
Huett is among the those urging schools to use technology to make schools more relevant, accessible and flexible and less like a prison sentence.


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