The president of Wellesley College explains why

The college is moving online.  From The Huffington Post.

H. Kim Bottomly: Online Education: WellesleyX, a Grand Experiment

But edX offers us something more, another way to bring about an even better educational experience. Students online will be tracked, and their progress studied, allowing us to learn which pedagogical approaches are most effective, and which don't work. Through data collection, we will be able to link individual learning to our syllabi, content delivery, and interactive tools, and clearly assess the effectiveness of each. 
In addition, edX provides other exciting opportunities. For Wellesley College, the opportunity to provide access to Wellesley professors for many around the world -- especially women -- who would not otherwise have that opportunity, is consistent with our values. We imagine women in Saudi Arabia taking WellesleyX courses without having to leave their homes, or women in our own country taking a Wellesley course while juggling jobs and raising children, or young people from all areas of the country -- rural and urban -- trying their hand at an interesting course, expanding their knowledge of history, their appreciation of art and science, and their insight into our society. 
Yet another benefit is the potential for WellesleyX to become the means by which we provide lifelong learning for our alumnae -- something they want and something we want to do. We hope to extend their four-year educational experience to a lifetime.


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