Are you ready for a new continuing education position?

Everyone knows the best time to find a new job is when you already have one. But are you ready?  CBS News has some warning signs, including the two listed below.

How do you know when to stop?
The same question can be applied to jobs and careers. When have you learned as much in one job, or even in one career, as you can? At what point will you start to wreck what you've created by staying too long? Everyone I have ever interviewed on this topic has told me that they stayed in their job, or profession, for at least one year too long. 
The reason was always the same -- they didn't start looking around until they were miserable. Early warning signs had been ignored, and it took at least a year to find the next opportunity. So what are those early warning signs? See if any of these apply to you. 
Boredom. If nothing at work challenges you, that can be nice for awhile. It's rewarding to do something well and know it. But before too long, you get bored, then frustrated, then angry. When that sense of comfort starts to dawn, run.  
Gossip. If you spend more time thinking about your colleagues than about your work, something is wrong. Office politics aren't just tedious -- getting embroiled in them can ruin your reputation. If you find yourself gossiping, try listening to yourself. You won't like what you hear. 


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