Must...check...iPhone....Salon covers a new generation.

Welcome to generation “fidgital”
Remember that horrible date who wouldn’t stop checking their phone during dinner? Remember the not-so-nice word you called them afterwards? Well, the New York Times is here to help. Your companion wasn’t being rude, just figital.
  1. Excessively checking one’s devices. “Victoria grew tired of watching her fidgital fiancé glance at his iPhone every five seconds.” See also: Supdate (food-related status); keybard (a skilled texter).
Lizzie Skurnick might have been joking when she coined the new word, but she’s clearly on to something. A recent study by the University of Maryland’s International Center for Media & the Public Agenda found that smartphone users exhibit actual withdrawal symptoms when forced to abstain from using their devices. The study also found that many subjects felt physical discomfort after not checking their phone for extended periods of time.


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