Siri struggles to speak Southern

You have to wonder how she does with farn accents.  I've got Siri on my new iPhone but I have put her to work yet. From The Chattanooga Times Free Press.

Apple's Siri has issues with Southern accents
From HAL and Skynet to the Borg and GLaDOS, science fiction long has predicted that mankind and machines will develop a tempestuous relationship in the future. According to some users of Apple's digital personal assistant Siri, however, the misunderstandings have started already.
Siri -- or Speech Interpretation and Recognition Interface -- is capable of completing many tasks issued by voice commands, from setting reminders and sending Twitter updates to searching for local movie listings. 
But when it comes to Southern accents, some users say she's about as useless as a football bat and as dumb as a sack of hammers. 
Bless her heart. 
"She doesn't understand me, even when I speak very clearly," writes Michelle Watkins Snow in response to a post on the Times Free Press' Facebook page. "She has tried to say some very vulgar things that I supposedly said. I wish they [had] a Southern Siri." 
If Siri were a human assistant, writes Nancy Garrott Mele, she probably would give her the boot. 
"Siri doesn't comprehend Southern," Mele says. "I pretty much jump for joy when she dials the right number. How you get 'Jack' from a pronunciation of 'Vance' I shall never know." 
According to Apple, there is no quick fix to Siri's linguistic foibles, just time and continued use. On the company's "Siri Frequently Asked Questions" site, Apple reports that the adaptive program incorporates voice recognition algorithms that, over time, help it learn to distinguish between a Southern drawl and a Western twang.


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