ANTSHE call for proposals extended

The 20th Annual Conference on Adult Learners, scheduled for next week at MTSU in Murfreesboro, has been postponed until October.  Perhaps people didn't want to attend a conference on Valentine's Day.  Anyway, if you had planned to present or attend, a similar conference has extended its call for proposals until February 11 to accommodate you. The ANTSHE Conference will be held March 8-10 at Winston-Salem State University.  More information is below.

The Association for Non-Traditional Students in Higher Education (ANTSHE) invites academic professionals, administrators and nontraditional students/ leaders to submit proposals for presentations at the 2013 conference. The following areas have been identified as tracks for the 2013 ANTSHE Conference. The following primary tracks have been identified and each primary track has been broken down into the sub segments listed below.

Commuter and Adult Student Programming
•        Issues for Distance Learners
•        Commuters and Campus Involvement
•        Effective use of Career Services and Technology

Adult Learner Student Issues
•        Networking and Connecting with Nontraditional Peers
•        College Financing
•        Balancing Home, Work, and College
•        Managing College Stress

Academic Professionals Serving Adult Learners
•        Programming that connects Nontraditional/Commuter Students with Campus Life
•        Best Practices in Serving Adult Learners
•        Learning Support and Remediation for Adult Learners

Submit your proposal at the following link: ANTSHE Proposals


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