Hey, I've been to all these towns

Except Salem.  I didn't know Key West was so creepy. From Away.com.

The Five Creepiest Towns in America | Away.com
Key West, Florida  
Once the richest city in North America, Key West was long a prime layover point for pirates terrorizing the Gulf of Mexico and looting the wrecked ships along the Florida reef. The island was remarkably isolated until a new railway linked it to the mainland in 1912. That meant years with buccaneers and rum-runners free to plunder as they liked, with local authorities only occasionally catching up with them. Executions were the only recourse for these savage souls, and bodies wound up in the local morgue, where now stands the allegedly haunted Captain Tony’s Saloon. The “hanging tree” outside made for a short distance to transport the bodies. 
Creepy Key West also got a bump from one of the island’s most legendary residents: Robert the Doll. Many claim this oversized doll is possessed, and spent nights pacing and throwing furniture around the room where he lived in the early 1900s. Drop by the Art and Historical Society to see him, and be ready for your hair to stand on end. Don’t forget a quick visit to Ernest Hemingway’s former abode, where some say you can still hear his typewriter ticking away.


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