It's the healthiest state

In the whole USA. The top ones, of course, are not in the South.  From TODAY Health.

And the healthiest state in the U.S. is ...
Get Smart Like #1 Vermont
According to the report, Vermonters work their bodies and their brains--the state has one of the highest high school graduation rates in the country. 
What you can learn: People with more than a high school diploma live up to 7 years longer, says a Harvard Medical School study. But researchers credit the extra years to the idea that the more educated you are, the better access you have to health information. 
Instill Happiness Like #2 Hawaii 
Besides the obvious lure and health boosts of a sunny destination (vitamin D improves your mood) and an outdoorsy culture (surfing, hiking, and biking burn calories), Hawaii also ranked #1 for well-being in the 2012 Gallup Healthways Well-Being Index--a survey of more than 350,000 people. (Here's why Hawaiians are the The Happiest People in America.)


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