Meanwhile, back in Iowa

Kirkwood Community College and the University of Iowa join forces with the community in a new type of off-campus center.  From The Gazette.

Kirkwood, University of Iowa forge new ground with joint facility | TheGazette
A planned joint building between Kirkwood Community College and the University of Iowa will bring together educators from the university, community college and kindergarten through 12th-grade levels, in a model that officials say is something completely different on the national scene. 
The Kirkwood Regional Center at the University of Iowa, expected to open in fall 2015 on the UI’s Oakdale campus in Coralville, will offer career academies and college-level courses to area high school students from at least six districts. That part of the center is similar to other Kirkwood regional center models. 
But one thing that sets this planned facility apart is the involvement of the UI, officials said. The university will bring its strengths and resources to the center, and be a part of the effort to really coordinate research and educational improvement across the K-12, community college and university lines, officials said. 
“We’re really plowing a lot of new ground in what we’re trying to do here,” said Jordan Cohen, the former UI vice president for research and economic development who is now a special associate to the provost. 
“We talk a lot about silos in education and how these entities often work separately. The most exciting thing about this, really, is this ability to connect what’s going on in K-12 with what the community colleges are already doing with what the university should be doing, to make it more of a continuum.”


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